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whole person approach to health care.

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Whole Person Health Trust - Welcome


The first part of this web site includes a full description and information about the Whole Person Trust itself, and also details of how you can support us. We make no charge for downloading the various resources on this site, but ask you to help us if you have found the information to be of value. Go to our donations page to see how easy it is to give a few dollars, pounds or euros to keep us going.

We have a section which describes the approach to whole person health care and some of its applications to a wide variety of health care situations - including Meeting the Spiritual Needs of Patients. We have included a growing resource of teaching materials which expound a wide variety of aspects of whole person medicine. A database of resources such as books and research articles is also included.

We have now stopped running the pilot study of the Whole Person Clinic based in a General Practice setting in East London. However you can find many of the details of how we ran the clinic and the findings of this pilot study in these pages. We also include aspects of how to apply the whole person principles to a wide variety of clinical situations. Finally we provide some links to other web sites which are related and contribute to a fuller understanding of this new approach to medicine and health care provision. We would be grateful for your input, comments and contributions.


The Whole Person Health Network now operates within the WPH Trust.

Their new web site is at www.wphnetwork.net

Whole Person Health Trust

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Honouring Personhood in Patients

by Dr Ross Bryson

Click here for full details of this new book and how to order copies




    Updated December 1, 2014