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This section describes the articles, books, references and other resources which are contained in the library of the Whole Person Health Trust. The search facility, which may be found on the Site Map page enables you to search the keywords and notes made about these resources.

Ref Details
WPD Scripture and the Human Person: Further Reflections GREEN, J.B. Personhood, dualism, soul, monism, image of God, Bible Computer file W004 in: Theology and WPM notes\ W004 NT Scripture and the human person.doc Science and Christian Belief 1999, vol 11 pp 51-63
11.02   A sceptical mind is a healthy mind McCORMICK, J scepticism, error, screening, ethics, CAM, experience "It is charecteristic of medicine to lay great stress on experience, yet unaudited experience may do little more than lead to making the same mistakes with increasing confidence, and is no substitute for controlled trials" Scepticus, Forum Feb 1998 p 52
11.03   Normalisation of unexplained symptoms by general practitioners: a functional typology DOWRICK, F.D et al GP, unexplained symptoms, education, intervention   BJGP 2004, vol 54, pp 165-170
11.04   Eliciting patient's concerns: a randomised controlled trial of different approaches by the doctor McLEAN, M and ARMSTRONG, D patient, concerns, time, patient-centred, patient satisfaction   BJGP 2004, vol 54 pp 663-666
11.05   Voiced but unheard agendas: wualitative ana;ysis of the psychological cues that patients with unexplained symptoms present to GPs SALMON, P., DOWRICK, C.F.,
unexplained symptoms, patient beliefs, psychological needs, intervention   BJGP 2004 vol 54 pp 171-176
11.06   Placebos in practice SPIEGEL, D placebo BMJ editorial BMJ 2004 vol 329 pp 927-8
11.07   Does prayer work? MAY, P prayer, faith   Triple Helix 2004 (Winter edition) p 11
11.08   Questionnaire survey on use of placebo NITZAN, U. and LICHTENBERG, P placebo   BMJ 2004 vol 329 pp 944-6
11.09   Individual response to treatment: is it a valid assumption? SENN, S drug trials,   BMJ 2004 vol 329 pp 966-8
11.10   Making a diagnosis in primary care: symptoms and context SUMMERTON, N Editorial BJGP 2004 vol 54, pp 570-1
11.11   What constructs do GPs use when diagnosing psychological problems? ARMSTRONG, D and EARNSHAW, G psychiatry, GP, symptoms   BJGP 2004 vol 54, pp 580-583
11.12   Effects of rosary prayer and yoga mantras on autonomic cardionascular rhythms: comparative study BERNADI, L et al prayer, breathing, meditation   BMJ 2001 vol 323 pp 1446-9
11.13   How real is the placebo effect? GUTERL, F   Newsweek June 18t h2001 pp 57-
11.14   What causes chronic fatigue syndrome? WHITE, P.D. CFS, BMJ editorial (in file of 11.06 as on back of page) BMJ 2004 vol 329 pp 928-9
11.15   No evidence that placebos have powerful clinical effects, study says GOTTLIEB, S News item reporting study in the New England J of Med 2001 vol 344 pp 1594-1602 (on back of 11.13) BMJ 2001 vol 322 p 1325
11.16   How to take comfort from a placebo WOODHAM, A   The Times Nov 14th 2000 p 14
11.17   Effects of remote, retroactive intercessory prayer on outcomes in patients with bloodstream infection: RCT LEIBOVICI, L On back of 11.12 . Ridiculous study that prayer, 5 to 10 years after an event, had a positive effect on the outcome. BMJ 2001 vol 323 pp 1450-1
11.18 What stays constant at the heart of medicine COOK, H.J. art, science, medicine BMJ editorial BMJ 2006 vol 333 pp 1281-2
11.19 Spiritual care - is there evidence for its importance? SPECK, P Notes from his lecture covering the literature of spiritual care  
11.20 Foundational article for Wholecare website SHELDON, M.G.    
11.21   Measuring health SHELDON, M.G.   My rough notes on measuring health and spirituality
11.22   Medline search with articles        
11.23   Models of health      
11.24   Hebrew and Greek (Right and Left brains) way of looking at the world      
11.25   What do we mean by health? THOMAS, P   With letters from Peter Davies and Tim Paine, Alistair Tulloch arguing with him BJGP 2005 vol (April) pp 320-323



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