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Whole Person Health Trust

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Whole Person Health Trust - Support and Donations

How can you support our work?

By participation
If you have comments, experience, questions, additions or corrections, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will attempt to respond (in due course) to all e-mails. Please send them to the web master at drmikesheldon@aol.com

By Giving
As a registered charity we are able to receive any donations which we will use to support the training of health care professionals, treating patients in our pilot whole-person clinics and continuing to spread the message of a whole person approach to health care.

Giving in this way

You can support the work of the Trust in supporting the development of chaplains in the community (PACH - for details go to their web site at www.pachc.info ) as well as WholeCare and the publications of the Trust.

The easiest way to give is through CHARITY CHOICE

You may support the work of the Trust by making an online donation - this easy, secure and free service means that even small amounts of money can make all the difference to the services we can provide.

Donate Now

If you click the above banner you will be taken to our page on the web site of
Charity Choice.

This will enable you to make a small (or even large) donation to support our work.

ALL of the donation comes to us without any charges being deducted.

PLEASE consider giving, even if it is a few dollars or pounds - every little helps!



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If you have found some of the information on this site useful, and if you wish to support the development
of a Christian whole person approach to health care, please use this page to make a donation.


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